Effect3D specializes in pristine shot to shot, cost effective, 2D to 3D video conversions.  Using custom software along with dedicated hardware processing, every video is converted on a shot by shot basis to most closely match the original 2D shot to its generated 3D.  Depth, focus, Z range and other conversion parameters are kept on a shot by shot basis, of key framed across shots, to provide a consistent, repeatable and user modifiable 3D experience.

Sample Videos

Please see our sample videos, hosted by youtube, or request a high resolution 2D source and 3D result files as Cineform code movies (free Cineform 3D codec for Mac and Windows available here).

Short Demos

Contact us to request a sample conversion.  You will be given an upload procedure with which you can upload a few seconds of 2D video that will be converted to 3D and posted as a private youtube video.

Source Material

Normally 2D source material will come from a high res master file (Uncompressed MOV/MXF/AVI/DPX, AVCi, DVHD, DNxHD, HDCamSR, or Prores).  Most file types can be accommodated.  Physical tape and cards can also be accepted, but will incur a transfer cost.


Effect3D provides the most cost effective, artist driven per shot 3D conversion on the market.  Our services are broken into three levels:

  • Full shot to shot, stereographer and in house approval (multi pass)
  • Full shot to shot, stereographer and web approval (dual pass)
  • Full shot to shot, stereographer single pass (rushes, tests)
  • QuickConvert, shot to shot with separate re work costs


Order timing must be discussed before ordering.  Mulit level project planning and pricing structures allow for rush jobs, but only within the hours in a day.


For sales or support, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .